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Royals field exclusively represent Mudon Al Ranim and You are invited to register your interest in the first release at Mudon Al Ranim, which is the newest addition to the family-friendly Mudon neighborhood in Dubai. Mudon Al Ranim features townhouses with three and four bedrooms, with prices beginning at AED 1.9 Million.
People who are looking for a place to bring up their families in an environment that is both secure and laid-back will find that Mudon Al Ranim is the perfect location. The houses are arranged in a ring around Mudon Al Ranim park, which has winding shared pathways that wind through wide gardens and lush vegetation and provide opportunities for inhabitants to socialize while walking.

A place that reflects your elegance

Beautifully outfitted three- and four-bedroom townhouses, as well as three- and four-bedroom townhouses with additional space for families, all feature exteriors that are updated and elegant while the interiors are modern and contemporary.


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